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David Starr, principal of Clermont, LLC., is an advisor to the real estate industry on finance and development. Mr. Starr pioneered the marketing and placement of tax-exempt bonds for the acquisition and development of multifamily housing projects. He has become one of the largest providers of development capital debt on both rated and unrated bases throughout the Southwest and Southeast with over $1 Billion in funded transactions.

Mr. Starr is also the visionary for the ultra-successful development of Vantage Communities, a Class-A, multi-family product with over 25 completed developments and an ongoing pipeline of additional sites throughout the United States.

In 2015 David Starr organized a Texas entity Ameri-Link Capital, and EB-5 Regional Center which has successfully raised equity and debt capital from foreign investors for development project in the United States. Ameri-Link Capital subsequently has organized additional centers in New York, New Jersey, Ohio and Illinois.

Since 1999 Mr. Starr has been president of American Opportunity for Housing, Inc. (AOH) as well as the American Agape Foundation, Inc. Both of these non-profits are developers and providers of over 15,000 units of affordable housing as well as providing numerous social service programs for the tenants. These successful programs also partner with local and regional non-profits like food banks and Catholic Charities.

Mr. Starr has been involved with numerous public agencies and trade organizations over the years. He has been an Advisory Board Member of the Rural Rental Housing Association; the National Multifamily Housing Board; the Howard University advisory committee; and the South Texas Blood and Tissue Center Board. Mr. Starr was appointed in July 2013 to the Alamo Regional Mobility Authority, he currently serves as their treasurer.


Clermont LLC is a dynamic real estate development an advisory company with projects that have ranged from acquisition and rehabilitation of existing multi-family properties to the successful development of new construction multifamily and commercial projects. 

Services include acquisition analysis, rehabilitation analysis, site selection, new construction development, energy market insight through traditional or renewable energy, financing, and overall asset management services. Providing the highest quality of service in value, our vast knowledge of financial and real estate markets has enabled us to create a formula to ensure the success of each of our projects for both the investor and the tenant. 

Clermont, LLC also focuses on equity and debt financing, acquisitions, sales of assets, joint ventures, partnerships in real estate transactions. Our team has developed a reputation for creativity, integrity and uncompromising attention to the details, all of which help us accomplish our goals of building strong partnerships and finding opportunities for growth. We also advise clients on the day to day and on long-term strategic business issues and transactions.

In addition, Clermont, LLC has become a leader in the use of tax-exempt bond financing on both rated and unrated basis, with over $1 billion in funded transactions.  The principles of Clermont LLC have a long track record of over 30 years of developing and redeveloping assets that include housing, sports facilities, and municipal-owned projects. 


Our development team began the Vantage platform in 2007 and has partnered successfully on 40 properties totaling over 11,000 units and building value of over $2 billion. One of the main keys to the success of the Vantage community’s development is the fact that virtually all properties have been designed and executed by the same supervising team since its inception. These assets have been successfully built on-time and under budget using selected resources with distinguished track records. Investors and banks have also been involved on a repeated basis because of the success of this platform. The building plans are constantly upgraded to conform with new land laws and requirements as well as keeping the asset in tune with market innovations. 

Our dedication to quality construction and excellence of service has created projects of lasting value for our investors. Being leaders and innovators in our sphere, reinforces the vision of excellence, commitment to world class service and the confidence for exceptional success to create PROJECTS OF DISTINCTION. 


An award-winning international practice covering architecture, planning and industrial design in all major sectors, we breath life into buildings through beautiful form and function.



Although we tend to price projects on a case by case basis, this is a guide to the services and project packages we offer to our clients.


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We are committed to upholding our most cherished values in every project and task we take on.

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